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we are of the earth, to her we do return

CSA Week 20:
1 lb. tomatoes
1 lb. onions
2 poblano peppers
2 sweet peppers
1 bunch radish
1 pound beets
1 pound potatoes
1 cabbage
1 butternut squash
.5 lbs mesculun mix

Uhh shouldnt've waited so long to write this up. IIRC I actually cooked very little this week and most of the stuff got diverted to future weeks (those radishes ended up in a fried rice of some sort eventually, I do remember); I often end up using potatoes to make hash browns, often with onion and peppers, always with scrambled eggs– not a notable creative meal but let's put it here since it probably deserves mention someday.

CSA Week 21:
1 lb. onions
2 poblano peppers
1 bunch turnips
1 head broccoli
1.5 lbs carrots
.5 lbs spinach
.5 lbs mesclun mix
1 butternut squash

Probably the best thing with this stuff was an ersatz ramen that used the turnips and broccoli, pairing it with soba noodles, chicken stock, various herbs and spices (ginger, soy, sriracha, star anise), and a boiled egg.

CSA Week 22:
1 head broccoli
2 heads garlic
1 giant golden beet
1 head lettuce
1 bunch radishes
1 butternut squash
.5 lbs spinach
1.5 lbs sweet potatoes

The spinach got used in that spinach-feta-orzo thing I often make in warmer months; also of note was a butternut squash soup that almost completely used the fruits of previous weeks (such as onion, all the sweet potatoes and many of the garlics, also the actual squash itself was from a previous week as we're working through them slowly... oh and it was topped with squash seeds roasted from an older squash too).

That's it for the regular season! We still have a couple cloves of garlic and that giant golden beet sitting in our fridge. Winter share (with larger, but more infrequent hauls) starts today.
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