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all in all you are a very dying race, placing trust in a cruel world

Catching up.

CSA Week 9:
1.5 pounds new red potatoes
3 ears sweet corn
3 pickling cucumbers
2 slicing cucumbers
1 eggplant
1.5 pounds zucchini/squash
1 bunch collard greens
1 head lettuce

God this was a long time ago. I vaguely remember turning the greens into something very tasty and almost authentically Southern– cooked 'em with bacon, beans, pepper, and a generous helping of hot sauce. (Which wasn't generous enough: I added even more hot sauce on top when eating. Actually having a bottle of it around is one of the best food decisions I've made recently).

Also did a mini-eggplant parm, despite my better judgment. Used a jar of tomato sauce, though, which was a labor-saver.


CSA Week 10:
1 head napa cabbage
1 bunch leeks
4 ears corn
1 pound pickling cucumbers
2 slicing cucumbers
1.5 pound squash
1 bunch green kale
1 head lettuce

So... two weeks of pickling cucumbers. Why not, y'know, make pickles. I did that! Loosely following the guidance of this article, but with less sugar (since it seemed like a lot) and a different spice mix (I don't like hot peppers in my pickles: went with a classic mix of dill, mustard seed, garlic, and star anise). It worked out well! Next time I'll boil up less vinegar (there was a lot extra) and put in even less sugar (but maybe more salt; I like my pickles salty and NOT SWEET).

I also used the pickle juice to make a dirty martini, garnished with the last spear. That was fun and tasty. (mere_bagatelle disagreed, alas. :P)


CSA Week 11:
1 head broccoli
1 bunch beets
1 pint cherry tomatoes
2 green peppers
1 pound squash
1 bunch basil
1 head lettuce

Basil! Uh... I used the basil in a couple of tasty pasta things, I forget the details. Also I went to Fish Fridays, which left us with a bumper crop of salmon and whitefish all of which were more notable than anything veggie-centered. Sorry.


CSA Week 12:
2 (slicing) cucumbers
1 pound white onions
1 pint (purple!) cherry tomatoes
3 ears corn
1 pound squash
1 bunch cilantro
1 head lettuce
1 cantaloupe

Cantaloupe! Exciting! (And reminiscent of the other farmshare, which was ALL MELONS AND HOT PEPPERS ALL THE TIME.) Sadly I'm the only one in this household who thinks so. More for me!

Anyway, the cilantro drove cooking decisions this week: it doesn't keep long. So I decided it was time for taco night: with chicken (chopped into little pieces and cooked with lime, jalapeño, onion, and cilantro), mozzarella, avocado, and pico de gallo (more onion/jalapeno/lime, and actually using the tomatoes this time). And another night was similar but with mozz-topped chicken and cilantro rice (and no avocado) instead of tacos.
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