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Last three weeks of the regular season. Then a week off. Winter share pickups start tomorrow, which reminded me to get off my ass and record this.

CSA Week 20:

1 head cauliflower
1 head garlic
.5 pound spinach
2 red peppers
.5 pounds green beans
1 bunch collards
1.5 pounds purple potatoes
1 pound beefsteak tomatoes

Well, the thing I have a picture for is this rather sloppy-looking baked veggie gratin thing made with cauliflower, beans, and purple potatoes (and garlic). (Purple potatoes! They look exciting! And taste like... potatoes. Which is a good combo for a gratin-type thing.) Roasted the veggies by themselves for a bit, then added alfredo, breadcrumbs, and Parmesan. Yeah, the alfredo was a shortcut. So it goes.

 photo veggie gratin_zpslw35azt8.jpg

CSA Week 21:
.5 pound spinach
2 green peppers
1 pound onions
1.5 pounds sweet potatoes
1 celeriac
some regular potatoes
2 tomatoes
1 small spaghetti squash

I say "some" potatoes because the packing list says three pounds of "celeriac and potatoes" and I don't know how big our celery root was. Celery root! How different! And exciting! Obviously it was the highlight this week. But what to do? Soup? Salad? Roasted?

Naaaaaah. How about combine 'em with potato and make celery root latkes. Complete with the requisite sour cream and applesauce. Y'know I'll go ahead and say this was the highlight of all three weeks featured here.

 photo latkes_zpstneonb4v.jpg

CSA Week 22:
1 bag lettuce mix
1/3 pound arugula
1 bunch turnips
1 head red cabbage
1 pound onions
1.5 pounds sweet potatoes
1 small butternut squash

Not a whole lot to really love this time, mostly because I've been stuck in NJ a lot recently and inspiration ran thin. Probably the winner was another entry in the "starchy fried Polish comfort food sweepstakes", where we got some pierogies (potato and cottage cheese flavor) and served them with fried red cabbage and onion. No pix.

I also threw all the nearly two weeks-full of sweet potatoes and turnips into a pot with some other crap (garlic, chicken stock, spices) and made a soup out of it. Like ya do.


In other news, I appear to have gotten into one of those periodic moods where I listen to lots of '70s prog. I'm not sure what that says about my mental state. I do know that the "Current Music" is something that is perpetually apropos to this series, so there's that.
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