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CSA Week 2:

1 head lettuce
1 bunch arugula
1 bunch green onions
.5 pounds sugar snap peas
.5 pounds spinach

So, since last year when I got green onions, I've wanted to make scallion pancakes. This time I got off my lazy ass and did just that, using a halved version of the inimitable Kenji's recipe. There were some hiccups: we have neither a food processor (though I just realized I might have been able have used the immersion blender, OOPS) nor a rolling pin (I used a beer bottle), and I put too much water in the dough to start. And, of course, didn't do a great job flipping them in the pan. So you sort of get irregular pieces rather than wedges. And yet somehow it still turned out quite tastily!

In addition, since that wasn't a full meal, I also made a bowl of fried-then-braised turnips (from Week 1), also featuring the turnip greens, cilantro, onion, some chipotle, soba noodles, ginger, chicken stock, etc.



Oh, and last night we went to see Spoon at the newly-refurbished Kings Theatre nary a mile and a half from our home. It was a damn good time, but I was disappointed that they didn't play "Let Me Be Mine", which is clearly the best song from their latest album. Alas.
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