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Think Too Much

I want to say one word to you. Just one word: Plastics.

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6 March 1985
"And these streets, quiet as a sleeping army
Send their battered dreams to heaven, to heaven
For the mothers restless son
Who is a witness to, who is a warrior
Who denies his urge to break and run

Who says: "Hard times? I'm used to them
The speeding planet burns, I'm used to that
My life's so common it disappears
And sometimes even music
Cannot substitute for tears"

-Paul Simon, "The Cool, Cool River"
30th street station, advanced civilization, agnostic theism, angst, bacon, bartok, basil, being peripatetic, ben folds, bill watterson, bitterness, board games, bridge, brisk walks, caffeinated beverages, calvin and hobbes, cat and girl, cheese, cities, classic rock, classical music, composition, conlon nancarrow, crossword puzzles, distractions, dostoyevsky, elizabeth bishop, elvis costello, emerson string quartet, existentialism, flaming lips, football outsiders, global warming, guinness, hating you all, hearts and bones, insomnia, irony, j.s. bach, jane jacobs, jersey/a, john adams (the composer), john kennedy toole, jorge luis borges, kierkegaard, laziness, luddites, maps, married to the sea, mary lyon, mass moca, mel brooks, melancholy, modern art, modernism, music theory, new jersey, new jersey meadowlands, new york giants, nobody scores, non-german classical music, nonsmokers, northeast corridor, not editing myself, not owning a car, open spaces, orchestra 2001, overanalysis, paul simon, peak oil, penn station, philadelphia, philadelphia sound, piano, procrastinating, prokofiev, public transportation, quakers, quizbowl, running for the train, sarcasm, schadenfreude, scrabble, shostakovich, simon and garfunkel, slumburbs, spoon, stefan fatsis, stravinsky, string quartets, sublimation, sufjan stevens, sustainable development, swarthmore, symphonies, t.s. eliot, talking heads, ted hughes, the band, the beatles, the crum woods, the graduate, the waste land, thinking too much, trader joe's, trivia, umberto eco, urban planning, walking alone after dark, wanderlust, wasting my life, we're all fucked, will shortz, william carlos williams

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