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CSA Week 13:
1.5 pounds field tomatoes
1 pint Juliet tomatoes
3 ears corn
1 head garlic
1 cantaloupe
1 head lettuce
2 cucumbers

Uhh... this was a long time ago and I forget what I made this week. It was a small/unexciting haul, relatively speaking. I'm sure I used the tomatoes for a homemade pasta sauce, what else do I use tomatoes for.

CSA Week 14:
1.5 pounds Heirloom tomatoes
.75 pounds Haricots verts
1 pound Mild onions
1 head red cabbage
3 ears corn
1 bunch cilantro
1 sunshine squash

The sunshine squash is actually still sitting on my counter, gonna turn it into soup soon (it's beautiful bright orange but is not actually the tastiest of squashes). The green beans got thrown into pasta alfredo; the cilantro and tomatoes and some onion were used to make pico de gallo whose best use was probably to top an omelet with chorizo bits (that also had onion and cilantro in it, too). I vaguely remember that being tasty.

CSA Week 15:
2 pounds Heirloom tomatoes
1 GIANTS leek
1 bunch kale
1 pound carrots
3 ears corn
1 bunch dill
1 mini watermelon

Most exciting thing of course was the GIANT leek. I used some of it in an omelet, and the bulk of it was carmelized/braised with some garlic in a pan with tuna steaks and various other things (soy, ginger, salt, pepper, dill, lime) and served with corn on the side.

CSA Week 16:
1 pint juliet tomatoes
1 bunch radishes
1 pound carrots
1 pound onions
3 ears corn
1 pound beets
1 pound potatoes
1 acorn squash

This was a weird week for cooking, lots of stuff left over from the week before and a lot of stuff still to be used. Probably the biggest thing I made was a giant stash of shrimp fried rice, which used up some (but not all!) of the carrots, onions, radishes, old garlic, and old red cabbage (which I really ought to finish soon). With the usual seasoning (and some unusual seasonings- hot sauce and caraway).

There was also a caprese-inspired salad consisting of beets and fresh mozzarella in a dill vinaigrette. That might have actually been the highlight.
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