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divorced men and Norse men

CSA Week 3:

.25 lbs garlic scapes
.5 lbs shell peas
.5 lbs snap peas
.5 lbs spinach
1 bunch kale
1 bunch turnips
.5 lbs salad mix

Scapes! Obviously, this week it was scape pesto time, made with almonds and pistachios as the nuts. I meant to add in the shell peas (as whole peas, not mushed up like NYT guacamole), but forgot. It was still tasty.

CSA Week 4:

.25 lbs garlic scapes
.5 lbs shell peas
.5 lbs snap peas
1 bunch Cilantro
1 head lettuce
1 bunch French radishes
1 bunch kale

Cilantro! There's still a bunch of it, which I hope I can use while it's still good; we did make breakfast tacos with a filling of egg/cilantro/radish, topped with cilantro, radish, and mozzarella.

The head of lettuce, as yet unused, is holding up better than I've ever seen lettuce. Kind of impressed.


In other news, I hope Ikea sends us a replacement chair leg soon. (mere_bagatelle got a chair there last weekend, but one of the legs had a messed up screw and won't go in. So we have a 90% assembled chair in the living room, just sittin' there on its side. Whee.)
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