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so i'll continue to continue to pretend

Winter CSA Pickup 6

2 pounds red onions 2 red onions
3 pounds white potatoes 6 potatoes
3 pounds carrots 4 carrots
3 pounds beets 2 beets
1 pound frozen tomato sauce
1 pound frozen corn

Okay, yeah, this was a long time ago. There was also either white onions or sweet potatoes, I think, and I'm blanking on which.

The best thing was a kielbasa soup, made in a similar manner as some of the earlier soups, with onion and carrot and potato (and I think collards frozen from a longer time ago) from the CSA, and tomato paste/herbs and spices/the kielbasa itself/more bean mix from not-the-CSA.

We still have one container of it in the freezer.

And that's all folks.
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