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who wears a fishing vest in a liquor store

Winter CSA Pickup 4
1 butternut squash
6? 4 carrots
4 2 onions
1 package frozen corn
1 package frozen green beans
beets? something else?

Pretty thin week (also pretty long ago at this point). The only remotely exciting thing about it was that we made some squash roasted with ras el hanout (and the obligatory salt and olive oil) over cheesy polenta.

And then the folks we were sharing with forgot to get Pickup 5 while we were in Philly for the post-New Year (thanks for hosting us, crystalpyramid and ccommack!) Alack. I was in NJ for enough of that time that at least we didn't miss it much.

We picked up the final share this past Saturday, and I'll write it up at some point.
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